Sunday, February 11, 2007

Woman On Top (Well, almost)

How annoying is it to climb ONLY 35.7 feet of a 36 ft wall because that last hold is just not stable?

On the one hand, the cute guy you're with is cheering you on from below. On the other, your roommate who has a thing for him is your belayer and therefore, effectively holds your life in her hands.

And you know she's hormonal right now.

So considering I'm in one piece, I suppose my day wasn't so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

I think you should dump your loser bf for the cute guy.

Raindrop said...

I don't think I want to. What's it to you?

That Armchair Philosopher said...

hahahaha. ok i was about to comment on how i'm going wall climbing next week, right after paintball.. but whoever it was that made the above comment.. rofl.

thanks for the wishes. *mock indignation* i will have you know, however, that i'm NOT a wuppity li'l boi. dig? :)

and double rofl on the caveman post. hope i get time to respond soon!

WishfulThinker said...

One piece is always good. Always.

Szerelem said...

And you know she's hormonal right now.
I wouldn't even trust myself if I was hormonal. And you callled T.A.P wuppity li'l boi!!!

Silvara said...

Hehehe I had to do that for a team bonding exercise....I was scared shitless because my belayer was a guy who didn't know English very well and frequently confused the words "STOP!" and "LET ME DOWN" with "Let's-just-leave-you-hanging-shall-we?"
. Cute guys are good eye candy :P

eM said...

why were you on this well type thing anyway? curious minds want to know.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Cute boi's cheering you on is probably for doing anything crazy. Or doing ANYTHING for that matter.

Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

was it one of those wall climbing things? Its good fun watching chicks rock-climb, you know. Cos the harness and angle of attack makes for a nice picture of the ass :)

Renovatio said...

It's even worse when you know how to climb and you forget to tell the guy on top that you're ready to go, and he suddenly realizes that you're halfway up the wall with the larger section of rope still sitting on the ground dangling off your crotch... and then he jerks on the rope so it pulls even tighter on that knot impaling your groin...

Raindrop said...

TAP, excuse my ignorance, but what's paintball? Climbing's super fun, innit?

Wuppity li'l boi? I called you a wee bairn. World of difference!:)

Wishful, even when we're talking about dessert?

Szerelem, I think if women have to put up with the actual pain/suffering of hormones, men ought to be at the receiving end. It's only fair. And he called himself a wuppity li'l boi. :)

Silvara, I've always said that I wouldn't stop sucking at dumb charades if my life depended on it. The situation you bring up is one where my life WOULD depend on it. That's a scary thought!

eM, pay attention. Wall, not well. And it's a part of Bond girl training, it'll all become clear in a bit.

Punkster, yup. I don't think I ever would've bungee jumped if it hadn't been for a cute guy witnessing the event. That and the fact that my ex boyfriend was present, and I couldn't let my inner wussyness shine through.

Ninja Turtle, I agree. I caught myself checking my own ass out each time I took a water break. I wish I were a horny guy just so I could do myself the way I want to be done right now.

Renovatio, I'm lucky I don't have important parts of my anatomy randomly sticking out. Men aren't very well designed, from an aesthetic point of view. When I learned what men looked like, as a girl, my first reaction was 'Ew'.

Madame Mahima said...

what on earth are you doing climbing walls? and what were you wearing when you climbed it? u dont know these men..they're all bloody pervs.

omg i just channelled my mom.

dont hang out with hormonal hormonal all the time and even i know im shitty company

oh and UPDATE!

Raindrop said...

I was wearing grey tracks. Bond school training. Never know when I might need to climb K2 to disarm some random nuclear device that could potentiallly blast the earth out of its orbit.

And I updated. Bond girls are busy, you know.

Scritch said...

wow. who knew. i cant believe i'm watching morning tv, fooling around on blogs and i call this 'work'

Nilu said...

putting attendance.