Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blogger Baiting

It is a well known fact that certain members of the blogging species have, and I will abandon my usual tasteful linguistic delicacy here, a red-hot two foot pole up their asses. Simply put, they take themselves way too seriously, taking offence at the smallest of deviations from their dangerously high levels of political correctness, which usually come at the expense of factual correctness.

So to remedy that, I occasionally do the following. The world might not be a better place for it, but I sure as fuck get my kicks and giggles out of it.

I leave random, irrelevant, irreverent comments on their blogs, often, just to see how they'll react. (Oh no, not on YOUR blog, I'd never do that!)

Come on, admit it, we've all trolled! There's no shame in it. It's how I started my blogging career, as, uh, some people on my blogroll might claim.

Anyway, the ones that respond with humor get my instant respect. Many, you'll find, are not intelligent enough to handle curveballs.

Ve are the robots.
Ve are the robots.
Ve protzess informatzion uberlinearly.
Ve cannot protzess your reqvest.
Ve cannot protzess your reqvest.
Ve cannot protzess your reqvest.

And on a completely unrelated note, I need a man right now. A man who will lovingly gaze into my eyes, grab me by the hair, and softly whisper the words 'te quiero, puta!' in my ears. The boyfriend (fool*!) ain't doing that because he isn't frikkin' here. The man I made out with one drunken night who is now living in my apartment for a week ain't doing it either, because his Muttersprache is more Teutonic than Latinic.

Must be the romantic in me, what else do you expect from the girl who goes by the oh-so-adorable-type-1-and-2-diabetes-inducing cutesypie blogging name of Raindrop?

*He ought to be a little less complacent about this situation, in my opinion. DrunkenNightBoy isn't cute, but he's easily accessible, and he's been partially tried and tested. The boyfriend is not readily available. I may be super loyal and trustworthy, but that doesn't mean he can just go ahead and take my loyalty for granted! Like I said, fool!

Edit: Look to your right. Doesn't the woman in the picture have a seriously hot ass?

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I'm seriously bored. I'm in a yacht/chateau buying mood. Actually, I'd prefer it if someone bought me a yacht/chateau. Or even a fucking Hermes scarf.

Will you be my sugar daddy? Or sugar mommy, if that's your thing?