Thursday, December 14, 2006

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger, what with posting infrequently and not responding to comments. I'm going to be off the blogosphere* for a couple of weeks. Happy New Year in advance, y'all! And just so you know, I live in a part of the country where it's perfectly acceptable to say y'all.

*It feels silly saying blogosphere, but when I used it on my boyfriend, he sniggered and said 'Blogosphere? Is it supposed to be spherical or something, little fucktard?' Yes babe, I'll miss you too!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Couldn't find a witty alliterative title, so fuck the title.

Where are all those fabled last minute airfare deals?

And I fell for it. Hook, line and mofo'ing sinker.

Update: I will never comprehend why desi travel agents seem to take it upon themselves to dispense general life advice as they look for your tickets.

'Beta, you should've booked earlier, naa? We could've given you super rate, SUPER!
Now it's peak season, naa? So it's going to be VERY difficult for us. Next time, naa, please book your tickets in advance, okay beta?'


'Oh, you DON'T want to buy a $3000 cattle-class ticket on Kazakh Airways? It's up to you. But you're not going to get a better ticket than that. You take my word for it. I even tried to get you that 16 hour long stopover at Almaty because they have EXCELLENT duty free shopping. It's mostly goat cheese, but I did that for YOU, because you're my valued customer. You're not going to get ANY tickets now, I can guarantee it!'

Yeah. She actually said she could guarantee it. I wish I'd taken her up on that offer. I'm very interested to see what such a guarantee would look like.

Yes, I DO happen to have some time on my hands this fine freezing Friday evening. Throwing large sticks into the frozen pond to check how frozen it REALLY is gets old after a while. Which works out well, because that's when frostbite sets in. All I really wanted was to make sure the pond was safe to ice skate on. Not that I was planning to ice skate on it, it was just a matter of satisfying the sort of intellectual curiosity that our society relies on for its progress, y'know, for things like electricity and PS3 and pizza topped with potato and hot sauce, which I personally consider one of the most important inventions of the modern age.

P.S. Apologies to the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. I know that Cohen dude made fun of you too, but it's just that Kazakhstan is a funny name for a place, rivaled only by Burkina Faso in funniness, which in turn is rivaled by its own capital, which, incidentally, is where my future job search might end up taking me.

Ougadougu to you too.

Update: Mommy MAY have just found me a ticket at a price I'd never pay. I love my mommy. And now, if things work out, all that remains is to hope that I have better luck than these people.

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