Thursday, January 18, 2007

Racism or plain old bitchiness?

Big Brother with Shilpa Shetty.

Can't upload the damn video, but click on the link!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Decipher this!

This is a typical Mediocretes-Raindrop conversation. It's amazing that we manage to understand each other at all.

Mediocretes :i love my font
Raindrop :you're a girl.
Mediocretes :the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Raindrop :with your purple cursive font.
Raindrop :dude, you're gay.
Raindrop :seriously.
Mediocretes :yup
Raindrop :purple AND cursive? come on.
Mediocretes :i won't apologize for being gay or loving my font
Raindrop :that's fine, i wasn't expecting you to.
Mediocretes :i just wish it had a little heart for the i dot

Raindrop :as a kid, i always got annoyed when girlie girls used to draw circles over their is.
Raindrop :i just DOTTED my is.
Raindrop :i refuse to say i's.
Mediocretes :yeah... i's would be a typo.
Mediocretes :not really a typo, but incorrect.
Raindrop :i'm not sure though
Mediocretes :why?
Mediocretes :you wouldn't just dot a single i.
Mediocretes :so, your is.
Mediocretes :which could be confused with a singular is.
Mediocretes :but i doubt you'd just dot one single is.
Raindrop :no, no. i think there's a special rule for alphaets.
Mediocretes :so then, it'd be iss.
Mediocretes :no, i don't think there's any rule.
Raindrop :googling it
Mediocretes :i don't ever use an apostrophe
Mediocretes :i think the webster's included it because people just naturally tend to use it
Raindrop :me neither, but i've always seen one used. i wasn't aware of this special rule.
Mediocretes :like CD's
Raindrop :it makes it easy babe.
Mediocretes :etc.
Raindrop :CDs sounds wrong.
Mediocretes :not to me.
Raindrop :is
Mediocretes :CD's just looks better
Raindrop :is is very hard to distinguish from is.
Raindrop :as in the third person form of to be
Mediocretes :yup, it is
Raindrop :as opposed to plural of i.
Mediocretes :but i's could be mistaken for i's... if you get what i mean.
Mediocretes :so some thrid rule should be invented
Mediocretes :like an underscore.
Raindrop :what's the other i's anyway?
Mediocretes :so i don't really buy the apostrophe rule
Raindrop :i's house? where i is someone you know?
Raindrop :but you can tell from the context, can't you?
Raindrop :if it's possessive, it's always followed by a noun..
Mediocretes :the i's construction in the font wasn't correct
Mediocretes :that's the other i's
Mediocretes :not just the plural.
Mediocretes :exactly
Mediocretes :so you can tell is from the context too!
Mediocretes :i's just just more aesthetically appealing... it's not more logical.
Mediocretes :if you can tell one of the i's from context... you obviously can tell the other.
Raindrop :anyway, the point is, i used to dot mine and not circle them!
Mediocretes :so did i.
Raindrop :i always thought people who circled their is were gay.
Raindrop :i thought it was unnecessarily frivolous to circle your is. i still do.
Mediocretes :well, circling is incorrect to begin with.
Mediocretes :it's a dot.
Raindrop :yeah, it's incorrect and it's also very gay!
Raindrop :it's almost as bad as hearts.
Raindrop :i've seen those too.
Raindrop :those, thankfully, were not encouraged in school.
Raindrop :yes, don't idiots realize that you DOT your fucking is. you don't CIRCLE them.
Raindrop :just as you cross your Ts and don't fucking ellipse them.
Mediocretes :yes... but the logical counterpart for a dash (or cross) would be a rectangle, not an ellipse
Mediocretes :so yeah... you don't rectangle your ts
Mediocretes :actually, i don't know.
Mediocretes :an ellipse might be more logical.
Mediocretes :yeah, probably an ellipse
Mediocretes :not a rectangle.
Raindrop :yeah, if a dash became a rectangle, a dot would become a square.
Mediocretes :a rectangle's a different from.. it's like arranging 4 dashes together
Mediocretes :the basic structure is the same.
Mediocretes :so yeah, ellipse.
Raindrop :this is the height of pointlessness.
Mediocretes :i don't think so. this has deep mathematical implications!
Mediocretes :no, seriously
Mediocretes :but if i really think about it
Mediocretes :a dash has no counterpart.
Mediocretes :because a dot is truly dimensionless.
Mediocretes :but a dash isn't.
Raindrop :a dash has one dimension. big deal.
Mediocretes :yes, which is what makes it fundamentally different from a dot
Raindrop :dude, let's get back to the real world for a second.
Raindrop :the sort of dot an i requires is NOT a dimensionless dot.
Raindrop :it has the same dimensions as the dash.
Raindrop :two.
Raindrop :so just as a two dimensional dot becomes a two dimensional circle, a two dimensional dash becomes a two dimensional ellipse.
Mediocretes :ok....
Mediocretes :so i agree..
Mediocretes :it's an ellipse
Mediocretes :not a rectangle.
Mediocretes :if the dot became a square... the the dash would become a rectangle
Raindrop :yup.
Raindrop :but this conversation was about circling is.
Mediocretes :yeah.. but you brought up the ellipse... and i, very uncharacteristically, was misled by own mammoth intelligence... that a dash might be better represented by a rectangle, in an alternate 2-D universe.

Raindrop :I think in 3-d babe. in 4-d actually, i'm the inventor of the hypercube.

Raindrop :i called it the quadrube.

Raindrop :i can draw you one
Mediocretes :the fact that you can draw one proves that you're full of shit.
Raindrop :it's going to be a representation of a 4-d object on 2-d paper.
Raindrop :well, it's like drawing a cube.
Mediocretes :yeah, but that's because our brains can process perspective in 2-D
Mediocretes :but our brains can't do that with 4-D

Mediocretes :so you can't represent 4-D in 2-D
Mediocretes :so fuck you.
Raindrop :i can represent 4d in 2d as well as i can represent 3d in 2d. we understand 3d, but how does that make a difference?
Mediocretes :fine, draw it.
Raindrop :when you see a 3-d object drawn in 2-d, you can tell it's possible because it makes sense. a 4-d object in 2-d makes little sense. but it's still a decent representation.
Raindrop :okay. it's easy enough babe. i'm sure you could draw it too.
Raindrop :as a square becomes a cube, a cube becomes a quadrube.
Mediocretes :a 4d object in 4d makes little sense... which is why it makes even less sense in 2d.
Mediocretes :then fucking draw it.
Raindrop :a 4-d object in 4-d makes little sense? what the fuck?
Raindrop :dude, you're so constrained by 3 fucking dimensions.
Raindrop :and btw, this is pretty basic higher dimensional geometry.
Mediocretes :and you're constrained by your own hyper stupidity.
Raindrop :dude, fuck off.
Raindrop :i'll do BETTER than draw a damn quadrube, i'll SHOW YOU A PREDRAWN PIC!
Mediocretes :ok
Raindrop :
Raindrop :i can show you many more.
Raindrop :
Mediocretes :that is absolutely the dumbest thing i've seen. not mathematically, but the visual representation.
Mediocretes :dude, i get the fourth dimension
Raindrop :how's it dumb? you're an idiot.
Mediocretes :i'm talking about the visual respresentation.
Raindrop :that's a visual representation! a pretty decent one.
Raindrop :
Mediocretes :yawn.
Mediocretes :i'm going to shower.
Raindrop :go shower
Raindrop :loser.