Thursday, January 18, 2007

Racism or plain old bitchiness?

Big Brother with Shilpa Shetty.

Can't upload the damn video, but click on the link!


dodo said...

Wow, a good-for-nothing female goes on a good-for-nothing show that's mostly watched by good-for-nothing retards, and a good-for-nothing country starts making a big hullabaloo! India sure is a country full of sissies!

I recently read that a Brit was brutally murdered in some Indian village. I wonder how many effigies the Brits burnt in response to that.

And more wow, when did the bastard politicians of India solve all the problems of the 1+ Billion Indians that their main priority now is some stupid Bollywood actress?

P.S. Sorry Raindrop, I'm not sure why you posted this, but am just irritated at all the attention that's being given to it.

Raindrop said...

Dodo, why aren't you sure why I posted this? It's getting attention, and that's the only way I'd get to know about it. Therefore, I posted it. There's a lot of stuff that doesn't get any attention at all, like, for instance, what you ate for breakfast today. I don't know what you ate for breakfast today, so I could've speculated on that. That, I imagine, would have been rather boring though.

Here's how humans work, we find some things interesting, and those things tend to make news. It's not that hard to understand, what's not to get?

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Argh. My eyes. My EYES. I hoped airheads like those were extinct, but apparently not.

Oh oh, and you know what else is extinct? Dodos.

I don't quite care for all the hullabaloo which the entire racist issue's being given though, and I'm sure nor do three-quarters of a billion others. This and the entire AXN ban because government censors couldn't stomach the sexiest ads in the world.

For a country which invented the Kamasutra, India sure is prude. Wonder why.

Raindrop said...

TAP, airheads like that will NEVER be extinct. And your eyes?? My ears were being assaulted there. Jo and Jade are ugly, but Shilpa and Danielle are bearable to look at.

I don't think it's racism, and I think it's ridiculous that playground bullying's been turned into a major diplomatic incident.

I've been watching it on youtube, and it's addictive. I love how the modern world provides so many opportunities (blogs, reality tv..) to satisfy one's voyeuristic tendencies.

Yup, India's a big old prude. I've had enough of the old Indian culture/tradition bullshit, let's find something new. Something that actually works.

And to be fair to Indians, it's mostly Brit Indians making a fuss. They're an easily offended lot. About 10 people burned that effigy in Patna. I hear they have very little entertainment there anyway.

The world's full of political correctness. And sissies. I agree with you, Dodo.

I read a book yesterday which stated that the term 'alternative conceptions' was preferable to 'misconceptions'. THAT KIND OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DRIVES ME FUCKING INSANE!

Silvara said...

I simply DETEST Big Brother...I refuse to watch it and with India's own Big Boss - it's everywhere and I can't seem to escape. Out of curiosity I took a look ..just a little bit...addicted too :P Funny how when there is a scandal like this and it involves our very own Bollywood babes we get interested. Agree - Shilpa and Danielle probably the only good looking ones there. I do remember S Club 7 with some sort of teenybopper fondness though...pity.

dodo said...

Now that you've asked, this is what I had, and will always have for breakfast :). That, is the only reason I get up in the morning!

Why can't people just eat cereal and be happy, instead of getting pissed-off by stoopid things. And why can't I just watch my pr0n, instead of trying to give a damn about retarded monkeys.

And Raindrop, you have no idea how much this prude and sissy India has hurt me :(.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Sigh. True, I guess. Re: eyes - Shilpa, and the other two. Not exactly Tricia Helfer to look at are they?

I quite agree. Its not racism - btw, was this the video which was termed racist in the first place? Heh next thing you know is that India-UK relations sour and they don't support us for the UNSC seat anymore! :) And amen to youtube.

Find something new? that actually works? Hah. I wonder what that would be, if it ever comes along. Burning effigies in PATNA? WTF? I had no clue.. bwahahahahha.

Alternative conceptions? Gosh talk about trying not to step on anyone's toes. Just call a spade a fucking spade and get over with it! *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

The reason it was called racist was that they copied accents, called her a wannabe white (I think, some bleach thing?)and speculated whether she lived in a shack because she was from India. These are racist comments anywhere. But you're right, the Brit Indians made a much bigger deal out of it possibly because laughing about it would mean more such comments.Sure, there are far greater problems in the world, but it can't be ignored either, right? 3 hours of tv space should have sufficed, but oh, well.
Btw, your blog's very fun read, raindrop :)

nevermind said...

Oi, Raindrop. Apropos your previous post, I'm a boy. You're gay. And I'd like to watch, at least. Dunno if I'd be allowed to, though. But who knows? I'll check.

I like Shipla, the shacked up Indian who's not a Paki, but is the 'Child of God' and who's on Big Brother to 'represent her country' (this babe doesn't have a clue, does she?) but has managed to turn the whole thing her way with some old fashioned diplomacy. Bully for her;) And today I'm going to find myself a TV to watch.

And oh, now I think BB is brilliant. After all, it's doing exactly what it set out to do, no? Tickle our privates, that is.

Nath said...

And oh, now I think BB is brilliant. After all, it's doing exactly what it set out to do, no? Tickle our privates, that is.

I take umbrage at this. The enlisted military personnel of the world are not to be tickled, under any circumstances. (Sorry, but I'm allowed one awful pun a week.)

Regarding the racist reality TV scandal, I have this to say: pish posh.

Mediocretes said...

If any of you care to know, here's what I really think about this whole issue: Big B is passe; it's the age of Little B

And this is not very cool.

jerry said...

I think she needs to slapped. What she got were a string of abuses. Now one can call it what they want, she entered to be slammed. She's also getting rich and she's made it on Pg1, she shouldn't be to sorry. I understand I'm not taking a very popular stand, I suppose a programme like Big Brother is crappy. It invests in surfacing such immoral language. I can understand the empathy of Indians in the UK who suffer this, and much worse perhaps. I don't see why it has to blown out of propotion! Nice blog...

Sriram said...

If you watch that show, you deserve to be hit square on the head with a 2 x 4. That is all.

Raindrop said...

Silvara, it's addictive. :)
Jo's not even a celebrity, as Leo pointed out. Ian's great, I'm rooting for him. I'll even admit that I loved Steps.

Dodo, you don't have to censor yourself here. You can say porn. :)

TAP, we're a culture that loves burning stuff. Effigies, public property, misbehaving brides...

Anonymous, even I laughed at the way she said bleach. "Ble-ee-eech?" And is it racism when people make fun of the Cockney accent? Or when Indians make fun of each others accents? We've all been guilty of it at some point..

And thanks, btw. :)

Raindrop said...

Nevermind, yeah. She was pretty deluded. She still thinks she's representing her nation as though this is some kind of prestigious Olympics-type event instead of a reality TV show. But she hasn't been a two faced bitch like the others. I'm fairly impressed with her so far..

Nath, I beg to differ. The Geneva Conventions say nothing about some playful tickling.

Mediocretes, that's really sick. Hope the guy rots in prison.

Jerry, yeah, she knew what she was getting herself into, but I think she's handled things rather well..
And re my blog, thanks!:)

Sriram, what's a 2x4?

Mediocretes said...

If you don't know what a 2x4 is, you need to be hit square (with a 2x2 perhaps) on the head with a 2x4.

Sriram said...

2 x 4 = a 2 feet by 4 feet plank of wood! (THIS is why you should be a southerner!):D

Oh and I see your Shilpa and raise you a Shamita. (See what I did there?)

Drunken Master said...

Personally I think she was in over her head all along, not because of the ignorant-ass shit she had to hear, but because she (and her "agent/secretary") had no idea what starring on the show entailed.

Instead of standing up for herself (and India, given all her bullcrap talk before she went on), she chose to take the high road and listen to the abuse in silence, just like a regular Brown in the presence of blanched westerner.

It's horrible what she had to go through, but I think Shilpa's response, or lack thereof, is almost as bad. Oh, and all the protesters in India should go get laid.

Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

Youtube removed the video for a violation :)

what happened to the fight that was promised here?

And 2x4 isn't a plank of wood. Its a car. You know, where the power goes to two of the wheels instead of all four (thats a 4X4).

So i wonder who the big brother (or big boss) really is. I dont mind that job.


sac said...

a few too many days of the red-tops bawling BB at my face.. gah.. make it all go away!
in england, as in many places, people tend to make fun of others a lot - accents, cultural references, physical features etc. often the best response is to give it right back. nothing like quick sharp wit to win some respect, grudging or otherwise.
racism is more hostile. ranges from moving away on the street with a particular look in your eyes to ganging up on someone and bashing his fucking skull in.
this instance i feel was more of the former.. but hope it makes some think about the latter.

Silvara said...

She ended up winning....I lost interest right then and there lol. Good for her but now I hope that we can just get over it :P

Sriram said...

"And 2x4 isn't a plank of wood."

You sir, haven't been to the good ol' south. It isn't the car, but the plank of wood. I can assure you of that. If you are a wrestling fan, hacksaw Jim Duggan carries a 2 x 4.

Scritch said...

i'm not so sure about the whole racist thing. I've had people imitate my accent sometimes in a funny way sometimes not. Big deal. Shilpa is playing up to the whole media thing like a pro man its sickening. Jade of course checked into 'rehab' and has insisted she 'wants to get help sob sob'
but whats even better is the random burning of effigies and protests. we indians love to lynch dont we?

Rudra said...

People should read this.