Sunday, January 07, 2007

Decipher this!

This is a typical Mediocretes-Raindrop conversation. It's amazing that we manage to understand each other at all.

Mediocretes :i love my font
Raindrop :you're a girl.
Mediocretes :the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Raindrop :with your purple cursive font.
Raindrop :dude, you're gay.
Raindrop :seriously.
Mediocretes :yup
Raindrop :purple AND cursive? come on.
Mediocretes :i won't apologize for being gay or loving my font
Raindrop :that's fine, i wasn't expecting you to.
Mediocretes :i just wish it had a little heart for the i dot

Raindrop :as a kid, i always got annoyed when girlie girls used to draw circles over their is.
Raindrop :i just DOTTED my is.
Raindrop :i refuse to say i's.
Mediocretes :yeah... i's would be a typo.
Mediocretes :not really a typo, but incorrect.
Raindrop :i'm not sure though
Mediocretes :why?
Mediocretes :you wouldn't just dot a single i.
Mediocretes :so, your is.
Mediocretes :which could be confused with a singular is.
Mediocretes :but i doubt you'd just dot one single is.
Raindrop :no, no. i think there's a special rule for alphaets.
Mediocretes :so then, it'd be iss.
Mediocretes :no, i don't think there's any rule.
Raindrop :googling it
Mediocretes :i don't ever use an apostrophe
Mediocretes :i think the webster's included it because people just naturally tend to use it
Raindrop :me neither, but i've always seen one used. i wasn't aware of this special rule.
Mediocretes :like CD's
Raindrop :it makes it easy babe.
Mediocretes :etc.
Raindrop :CDs sounds wrong.
Mediocretes :not to me.
Raindrop :is
Mediocretes :CD's just looks better
Raindrop :is is very hard to distinguish from is.
Raindrop :as in the third person form of to be
Mediocretes :yup, it is
Raindrop :as opposed to plural of i.
Mediocretes :but i's could be mistaken for i's... if you get what i mean.
Mediocretes :so some thrid rule should be invented
Mediocretes :like an underscore.
Raindrop :what's the other i's anyway?
Mediocretes :so i don't really buy the apostrophe rule
Raindrop :i's house? where i is someone you know?
Raindrop :but you can tell from the context, can't you?
Raindrop :if it's possessive, it's always followed by a noun..
Mediocretes :the i's construction in the font wasn't correct
Mediocretes :that's the other i's
Mediocretes :not just the plural.
Mediocretes :exactly
Mediocretes :so you can tell is from the context too!
Mediocretes :i's just just more aesthetically appealing... it's not more logical.
Mediocretes :if you can tell one of the i's from context... you obviously can tell the other.
Raindrop :anyway, the point is, i used to dot mine and not circle them!
Mediocretes :so did i.
Raindrop :i always thought people who circled their is were gay.
Raindrop :i thought it was unnecessarily frivolous to circle your is. i still do.
Mediocretes :well, circling is incorrect to begin with.
Mediocretes :it's a dot.
Raindrop :yeah, it's incorrect and it's also very gay!
Raindrop :it's almost as bad as hearts.
Raindrop :i've seen those too.
Raindrop :those, thankfully, were not encouraged in school.
Raindrop :yes, don't idiots realize that you DOT your fucking is. you don't CIRCLE them.
Raindrop :just as you cross your Ts and don't fucking ellipse them.
Mediocretes :yes... but the logical counterpart for a dash (or cross) would be a rectangle, not an ellipse
Mediocretes :so yeah... you don't rectangle your ts
Mediocretes :actually, i don't know.
Mediocretes :an ellipse might be more logical.
Mediocretes :yeah, probably an ellipse
Mediocretes :not a rectangle.
Raindrop :yeah, if a dash became a rectangle, a dot would become a square.
Mediocretes :a rectangle's a different from.. it's like arranging 4 dashes together
Mediocretes :the basic structure is the same.
Mediocretes :so yeah, ellipse.
Raindrop :this is the height of pointlessness.
Mediocretes :i don't think so. this has deep mathematical implications!
Mediocretes :no, seriously
Mediocretes :but if i really think about it
Mediocretes :a dash has no counterpart.
Mediocretes :because a dot is truly dimensionless.
Mediocretes :but a dash isn't.
Raindrop :a dash has one dimension. big deal.
Mediocretes :yes, which is what makes it fundamentally different from a dot
Raindrop :dude, let's get back to the real world for a second.
Raindrop :the sort of dot an i requires is NOT a dimensionless dot.
Raindrop :it has the same dimensions as the dash.
Raindrop :two.
Raindrop :so just as a two dimensional dot becomes a two dimensional circle, a two dimensional dash becomes a two dimensional ellipse.
Mediocretes :ok....
Mediocretes :so i agree..
Mediocretes :it's an ellipse
Mediocretes :not a rectangle.
Mediocretes :if the dot became a square... the the dash would become a rectangle
Raindrop :yup.
Raindrop :but this conversation was about circling is.
Mediocretes :yeah.. but you brought up the ellipse... and i, very uncharacteristically, was misled by own mammoth intelligence... that a dash might be better represented by a rectangle, in an alternate 2-D universe.

Raindrop :I think in 3-d babe. in 4-d actually, i'm the inventor of the hypercube.

Raindrop :i called it the quadrube.

Raindrop :i can draw you one
Mediocretes :the fact that you can draw one proves that you're full of shit.
Raindrop :it's going to be a representation of a 4-d object on 2-d paper.
Raindrop :well, it's like drawing a cube.
Mediocretes :yeah, but that's because our brains can process perspective in 2-D
Mediocretes :but our brains can't do that with 4-D

Mediocretes :so you can't represent 4-D in 2-D
Mediocretes :so fuck you.
Raindrop :i can represent 4d in 2d as well as i can represent 3d in 2d. we understand 3d, but how does that make a difference?
Mediocretes :fine, draw it.
Raindrop :when you see a 3-d object drawn in 2-d, you can tell it's possible because it makes sense. a 4-d object in 2-d makes little sense. but it's still a decent representation.
Raindrop :okay. it's easy enough babe. i'm sure you could draw it too.
Raindrop :as a square becomes a cube, a cube becomes a quadrube.
Mediocretes :a 4d object in 4d makes little sense... which is why it makes even less sense in 2d.
Mediocretes :then fucking draw it.
Raindrop :a 4-d object in 4-d makes little sense? what the fuck?
Raindrop :dude, you're so constrained by 3 fucking dimensions.
Raindrop :and btw, this is pretty basic higher dimensional geometry.
Mediocretes :and you're constrained by your own hyper stupidity.
Raindrop :dude, fuck off.
Raindrop :i'll do BETTER than draw a damn quadrube, i'll SHOW YOU A PREDRAWN PIC!
Mediocretes :ok
Raindrop :
Raindrop :i can show you many more.
Raindrop :
Mediocretes :that is absolutely the dumbest thing i've seen. not mathematically, but the visual representation.
Mediocretes :dude, i get the fourth dimension
Raindrop :how's it dumb? you're an idiot.
Mediocretes :i'm talking about the visual respresentation.
Raindrop :that's a visual representation! a pretty decent one.
Raindrop :
Mediocretes :yawn.
Mediocretes :i'm going to shower.
Raindrop :go shower
Raindrop :loser.


Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

tell me you copied that whole thing off somewhere... and didn't sit down and type it all?

Raindrop said...

Of COURSE I copied it. MSN. Would a lazyass like me go through all that trouble? Freak. :)

dodo said...

I now want to circle the f'king 'i', hang it upside down like a noose, and hang myself! And I didn't even read the entire post. Nobody can.

Raindrop said...

Dodo, the ability to read this post separates the men from the boys. Have yourself a happy new year, m'boy! :)

dodo said...

*Hangs head low*
But... but... mommy had told me that I've grown up now. I guess I'll have to start drinking Complan again.

Wish you a very happy new year, Raindrop!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I found your post sane and not crazy. And I read the whole thing.

Hm, maybe I should get my head examined.

Or not.

Raindrop said...

Dodo, Boost is the secret of MY energy.

Punkster, as I said, this separates the men from the boys. Congratulations, you're a man. In fact, you're better than that, you're female!

A pre-emptive shut up, Mediocretes. Go spew your misogyny elsewhere.

Raindrop said...

But I'll still sleep with you. With Mediocretes, that is. You too, Punkster, if you like.

Mediocretes said...

Now why would I want to sleep with someone who drools?

Raindrop said...

Put it all down to your hot Bappi body. Who wouldn't drool? :P

the wannabe indian punkster said...

You would? Really? Then its settled!

Will mediocretes join us?

IdeaSmith said...

How about Is? Its definitely incorrect to use i's.

And just for a nitpicking point, a dot is a circle too, geometrically speaking.

I circle my Is but I've never been a girly girl.I just happen to like circles.

Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

I think the ability to read through this whole post seperates the boys from the girls :)

and about that other thing, can I join? Punkster will vouch for me... right punkster?

Madame Mahima said...

i DEMAND to be slept with too. i bring in a level of hotness (or so i'd like to think) that no one can emulate.

Raindrop said...

Punkster, hmm, I'm sure mediocretes would love to join, but I think this one should be just us girls..

Ideasmith, hello. :)
Is is what I'd use if I were writing/typing with a decent font. And, some googling revealed that while i's isn't wrong, its usage is discouraged.

And you're right. Geometrically, a dot IS a circle. But it's quick, non-fussy and efficient. Okay, I'll stop trying to convert you now.

Ninja Turtle, I tried analysing that comment, and it's possible that you may have been trying to take a dig at my sex. Take digs at my sex, and you don't get any. ;)

Mahima, of COURSE you're included. It's going to be the biggest fucking imaginary lesbian orgy we've all ever had. :)

rajan said...

U girls have no shame or what? itz girls like u that spoil our cltr. and u r chamchas.

Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

I slept. Meditated. Did mind-gymnastics. Even went to gym and did pull-ups. I played Dead or ALive 4 to sharpen my response time. I concentrated on the one-ness of being. I tried to strenghten my mind.

And then i came back here and tried to read this conversation.
I almost got thru, but i got lost near where the 4thD popped in.

And raindrop, my last comment was a dig at MY sex. Can i get some now?

Drunken Master said...

Amazing how a pointless conversation can so quickly get to one in the comments section.

That said, looks like Rajan won't get laid until he gets his dowry. Unless he decides to pay a street walker, of course.

Raindrop said...

Rajan, I have lots of shame. I am a VERY shameful individual. I promise I won't spoil our culture, we'll have our orgy in the temples of Khajuraho according to the rules laid down by the Kamasutra.

Ninja Turtle, come on now. You weren't trying very hard at all, were you? And if it was a dig at your sex, then you can join in! Note the venue, the time will be decided as per the grand Indian tradition of astrology.

Drunken Master, what do you suppose Rajan's dowry might be? I wonder if I could afford it. I don't know about the street walker thing though, Rajan seems pretty self-sufficient to me. He's the sort of person who takes charge, who takes matters into his own hands. What's the technical term for that, is it wanker?

Raindrop said...

Rajan's fake, but I'm sure that like every other fake, he wants some humoring. I know it because I've played the role of fake/poseur/wanker before too. There's a lot to be said for it. Good fun.

Drunken Master said...

Maybe he just doesn't have the balls...

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Ninja: I dont think it'll be wise for you to join, but you could watch us. It'll be kinky. But only if raindrop's in for the idea, of course.

@ Raindrop: Wow, rajan's made his way here too? Lots of lau all around then! :D

Oh oh and can we have male watchers?

Mediocretes said...

In light of recent developments, this may be a little outdated, but the offer still stands (I posted this against the wrong post):

Punkster, Mahima: Let's leave Raindrop out of this, shall we? How about just the three of us?

C.Albert said...

Tata image betrays the whole idea of the 4’Th dimension. Albeit, wikepedia image does convey the point you are trying to make.

And about dot or circle ...I think its like –“chandarmukhi ho ya paro, ki farak pandan ha yaaro?”

Scritch said...

that was hilarious. even more hilarious than shilpa shetty on uk big brother. but she does look so much hotter than anyone else. and she fucking crys so much. What a fucking cry pod.
Although i didnt have the stamina or laptop battery power to read through all of that post. but mediocretes seems like a standup guy, as does rajan

Scritch said...

raindrop are you sure you arn't my friend ratna? that picture of yours is freaking me out.

someonearbit said...

The comments that followed were as funny as the original post.

anyways...that line was just for no reason.

tell me when the actual event istaking place.
Can I buy a balcony seat?

Raindrop said...

Drunken, that's quite possible. Maybe he's really a woman having a huge laugh at our expense. If he IS a woman, then I'm sure I'd get along with her.

Punkster, yup. Thanks for Rajan. He/she provides quality entertainment. And sure, they can watch. Why the fuck not? Or better still, let's have THEM do each other. Mediocretes and Ninja Turtle. I'd like that.

C. Albert, yup. I'm sure I agree. :)

Scritch, I've been watching it on youtube. She's such a goody two shoes, and I think Danielle's hotter. But Danielle's a fucking moron. And I'm sure the whole point of bringing that up was so you could use the word cry pod. I like it too. Makes me think of an i-pod that only plays sobby whiny shit.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not Ratna. She's not missing or anything, is she?

Someone arbit, yes, you can buy a balcony seat. I'm auctioning tickets on e-bay, watch this space for more details!

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Oh My. G on G action. *Again*?

@scritch, raindrop - You guys actually watch that stuff? Really?

Actually, I don't see why that conversation is being termed untenable. I've had similar conversations with people - a LOT of times. You start off with something which blows up into references from everything to quantum physics and how PHD comics can totally predict your life.

@someone arbit - eh, you'd pay extra to sit _far_ AWAY from all the action eh? tsk tsk.

Raindrop said...

TAP, we're not going to apologize for it. I also watch Jerry Springer sometimes. I also watch animals tear each other up on Nat Geo. It's all the same to me.

I'm curious though, why would anyone talk about quantum physics? It sounds REALLY dull. I find bitchiness fascinating. Quantum physics, not so much, as Borat would say.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

@raindrop - hah, no one's asking for an apology. i know what you mean though - the inaneness of it all is attractive.

oh i just said quantum physics as a random subject - it was the most abstract thing i could think of. in this case, it was something to do with teleportation, i think. but anyway, i meant it could be absolutely anything.. conversations 'degenerate' pretty fast. put enough head-strong people from different backgrounds into a room, and watch sparks fly :)

sac said...

for the record, i'm a good watcher.. i even bring my own popcorn. and i will be in the States for a few days in two weeks' time! :D